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Deploy and Keep Clean

After you infect a robot: game over.
Deployment and hack-remedy mechanism on php/sftp-basis.
Development cycle: Beta stage
Categories: php, sftp, deploy
A set of php scripts which process your local development directories to create a zip package and other deploy specification and equalize the filesystem on production server to match it. Trigger it additionally on robots.txt and stay safe.
  • Handles: files, directories, symlinks, whitelists.
  • Integrates with cron / robots.txt triggers.
  • Produces a detailed diff-report + quarantene directory.
  • Runs an optional repair/sterilisation routine on Exception.
  • Recieve email notifications with status report.
  • Self-bootstrap mechanism available.
Your purchase will sponsor further development :
  • Multi scenario - full deploy, partial update
  • web admin for rollback/re-apply/etc.
  • you can get access to git-hub repository

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